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My name is Florin Lungu, and I am Manager of the “Gavriliu Imobiliare” real estate agency.

If you want to find a method by which you can transact faster, easier and in better conditions your property I recommend you to read carefully the text up to the end.

On the real estate market of Bucharest it was grounded a standard manner of work: each real estate agency introduces in its portfolio as many properties as possible and each owner wants as may agents as possible to promote his property/ house.

Why still there are no results, it is not a good idea for my interests to be represented by several professionals?

Truth is that the current manner of work treats the sale of a house like the sale of kilogram of potatoes. In short, hundreds or thousands of deals are taken over together, put together and promoted together to any potential customer...

During all this mad rush, all the participants unfortunately forget about the grandmother’s recipe: without work, without attention, without your heart and care you will probably obtain nothing... Although a particular property may be promoted on tens or hundreds of places, it is superficially presented, in a big hurry and “jumbled” together with other properties.

How do I know all these things and why do I tell these things to you? In the first 7 years in the real estate field we mostly worked using this method. We built systems, we have optimized our teams and we got to have 3000 properties in our portfolio. Thereafter, we stopped this mad rush and this game of probabilities and we wondered how we could help each owner we work with to transact his property.

We remembered that we have a way of working through which we can make this happen. It’s the same way in which the professionals of the western markets (USA, Great Britain, Germany) choose to work. But to make the switch to this manner of work, which is superior in all respects, we had to take some tough decisions.

We gave up to years of work, to thousands of properties, to over 50,000 professional photographs, to thousands of advertisements written from the heart. There were tears, emotions, feelings of all sorts and although we felt emptiness in our hearts and we had difficulties to sleep at nights, we know that we made the right decision. An we know that it will follow a munch better period, in which we will bring satisfaction to all parties.

We know now that we can help each and every owner who we choose to work with. The first ingredient of success from our point of view is to involve in detail. Selling a house is a complex and demanding process and with many factors to consider. The results can be obtained only through a very close collaboration and through constant and consistent investment of time, energy, focus and money from an agency.

This is the moment in which a property is exclusively represented. Thus, it's like you play roulette with the entire business, hoping that you will be lucky and you will get a transaction to ID 33.

What means an exclusive representation? As we see it, it means:

1. To allocate a dedicated consultant who finds solutions for you throughout the trading process;

2. To follow APAIR's Code of Ethics, that has the client's interest above the agent's direct interest;

3. To take all the selling process from the owner and secure all the middle steps of the transaction;

4. To prepare a property differentiation sheet through which we emphasize the strengths and the unique qualities of the property;

5. To have a personalized marketing strategy by which to "push" the property on all the relevant channels to the potential customers to whom the property is the appropriate one;

6. To allocate a professional photographer to present the house in the best possible light;

7. To ensure that the property will get, through us, to over 150 real estate agencies – partners and to their customers;

8. To invest time, energy, focus and considerable marketing budgets to carry out the transaction, every time!

A collaboration for exclusive representation broadens your opportunities because you have aside a dedicated team and also benefit from collaborations and alliances that we have tied in 9 years since we operate on the market. For you it is almost impossible (or not, if you want to invest enormous) to collaborate with more than 100 agencies and to do it with calm, quiet and relaxing.

The customers we attract through our special presentation modality are businessmen, expatriates, managers, public persons and successful freelancers.

Standard at which we exclusively represent each property can be met only to a few companies in North America and London. Seem to be just big words? Please refer to an offer presentation in order to convince yourself: presentation apartment 3 rooms. In everything we do we add an exceptional sprinkle of marketing and image. How did we get to do this? The secret is simple: I am personally passionate about this area and I have over 9 years of experience, during which I worked, I developed myself, I gathered alliances and ties and I was always attentive to the work manner of the agencies renowned in Western Europe.

Even if you are not interested to collaborate with the “Gavriliu Imobiliare” real estate agency, we advise you to find another agency or a real estate professional and to give him the opportunity to do his job. You can also find other professionals on the market.

Finally I would like to say that we do not address to the owners who try to sell or to rent their property by themselves. We know and we agree that there are many owners who want to work with several agents and only few customers who contact them at different hours. We wish them success, strong nerves and a lot of energy to sustain the stressful process through which they are about to pass.

Currently we work only with those owners who are focused on their businesses or their activities and who prefer an elegant and discrete solution, which always gives results. Our customers know that the way we work brings them relaxation, time and finally more money.

Every moment in which your property is not really represented in the best light to the right customers is ultimately a lost moment.

In order to start a successful collaboration with “Gavriliu Imobiliare” real estate agency on the current manner of work, please contact us at the telephone number: 0734.259.879 or by e-mail:

You can also contact us if you want to obtain further information or to clarify some aspects related to the exclusive representation.

Have a great day and good luck in everything!

Florin Lungu

Owners services


  • Gloria Gaitan
    Gloria Gaitan Actor

    I had a fruitful and productive collaboration with Ramona from Gavriliu Imobiliare. I have managed to rent my apartment thanks to her and, as I already told her, she was my lucky charm, and not because I believe in pure luck, but because she was the only one really striving, she was consistent and brought lots of clients. Even though I have worked with over 20 real estate agencies, I recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare as being serious, prompt and consistent.

  • Maria Popescu
    Maria Popescu Retired scientist

    After a long search I managed to buy a very nice apartment with Mr. Florin Lungu's help. I want to thank him for the exceptional collaboration based on honesty throughout the entire transaction process. I have also appreciated his professionalism and dedication.

  • Vladimir Maxim
    Vladimir Maxim Owner

    Many were interested, a few were selected and only an agency responded to my demands. Reliability, punctuality and excellent promotion made that Gavriliu Real Estate's team identify potential clients interested in renting the property, succeeding several times in a very short time to provide me clients with whom we have concluded a rental agreement. Thanks Gavriliu Real Estate's team and Ioana Niculescu for the support offered for all the rental process.

  • Mihai Eduard
    Mihai Eduard Apartment Owner

    I would like to thank you for the great job that you did! By your promoting method we have managed in 2 days from first contact to rent the apartment after almost 2 months of waiting and dozens of viewings weekly with other agent. Keep up the good work, especially with this very effective policy to promote real estate in exclusive representation that you currently have. Good luck!!!

  • Mihai SImion
    Mihai SImion Owner

    I started collaboration with Gavriliu Real Estate 10 months ago. Despite the real estate crisis we are going through, the Agency helped me quickly and advantageous rent the 4 apartments that we had available at this time. The properties were promoted perfectly on multiple channels, customers interested in my properties being filtered out by the agent. I highly recommend this company to property owners in the northern part of Bucharest .

  • Clara Popescu
    Clara Popescu CRM Project Leader-Head of CRM at UniCredit Tiriac

    Indeed, Gavriliu Real Estate did exactly what they promised! New Concept promotion, photo and video presentations, a lot of enthusiasm and in a month we managed to complete the transaction. By this we concluded several exclusive contracts with reputable estate agents (about 1 year) with no results. I highly recommend both agency and Mr. Florin Lungu!