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Our values

Our values

"The most beautiful properties in Bucharest!"

Yes. We believe in this, and we are happy to identify and tell others about them.

Beauty - We love the beautiful and we believe that you will find it in everything that surrounds us, in the perfect light we are looking for in every property we promote, and especially in our attitude and presence.

Passion, Integrity and Value Added - We believe that incredible things can be done when you believe and act with integrity for them. It is the motivation that makes us go beyond competitive thinking and appreciate the collaboration and the permanent evolution (of each of us and of the company) as generating added value for all those who meet us.

People - We believe that quality services to other people are an end in themselves beyond welfare and social validation.

Time and comfort - We chose to work only on the premium and luxury segment, and that means a thorough knowledge of the market where we operate, time and comfort for the participants in the transaction.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Our team


  • Dr. Mihai H.
    Dr. Mihai H. Chief Technology Officer company A

    With the help Mr. Mihaela Sandu I had with Gavriliu Imobiliare Agency an extremely efficient and pleasant experience in locating and contracting a service home.

  • Marius si Ioana E.
    Marius si Ioana E. Entrepreneur

    Professionalism, accuracy of communication, equidistant representation of parties, efficient and prompt coordination of document exchange have led to the successful conclusion of the transaction in a framework of full confidence and gratitude. Briefly, the most enjoyable real estate transaction experience out of all those made or known so far. Congratulations! With good thoughts.

  • Razvan I.
    Razvan I. CEO

    I strongly recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare team for the confirmed professionalism in the transactions of two properties both as a buyer and as a seller. I met people dedicated to their profession with skills beyond expectations with full consultancy: real estate, banking and finance. I appreciate their tenacity and perseverance in identifying all the solutions necessary for the successful completion of the required transactions and the satisfaction of the final beneficiary's requirements. With the best thoughts and confidence I will return to the Gavriliu Imobiliare team and in the future for consulting and real estate services.

  • Roxana P.
    Roxana P. TV journalist

    I've decided to handle the apartment for sale after weeks of surfing the internet. I knew exactly what I wanted to avoid: unanswered phones from a bunch of agents and / or potential customers and visionaries over visionaries. I'm looking for someone who understands the concept of exclusivity just as I've met in the countries where I had the chance to travel and live for certain periods of time. In a Romanian society marked, unfortunately, by superficiality, your site was an extraordinary surprise! From the first click you see that you are "different." I thank Cristina Stoianovici for heart because she accepted our apartment in my portfolio, although it does not fit into the areas promoted by the agency. We have discovered a wonderful person with a new and healthy mindset that inspires confidence, respect, professionalism. In less than two months and at the second view, without the slightest stress, the apartment was traded. I recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare with all my love and I am glad that I met people who in our country do things as well.

  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G. Engineer

    For me, the business relationship with your company was a very pleasant surprise, characterized by high professionalism, and the speed of solving the problem was out of the ordinary in the best sense. If there is a similar situation, I will definitely appeal to your company as well. Thank you for very good collaboration!

  • Tomasz R.
    Tomasz R. Military force employee

    I would definitely recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare Real Estate Agency to cooperate in finding a flat, especially for foreigners who have just arrived in Romania. Excellent English-speaking service, professional and kind. Agents are available not only during business hours but they adapt to the client's needs. Perfectly prepare an offer that is tailored to the needs and capabilities of the client. In a very nice way arranged a meeting with the owner and professional help when signing the contract (it's important if you are from another country and you do not know the rules in force in Romania). Such agencies are rarely used, but if I have to look for a place, I will ask them for help. best thanks

  • Gloria Gaitan
    Gloria Gaitan Actor

    I had a fruitful and productive collaboration with Ramona from Gavriliu Imobiliare. I have managed to rent my apartment thanks to her and, as I already told her, she was my lucky charm, and not because I believe in pure luck, but because she was the only one really striving, she was consistent and brought lots of clients. Even though I have worked with over 20 real estate agencies, I recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare as being serious, prompt and consistent.

  • Narcisa Kelemen
    Narcisa Kelemen Magistrate

    Thank you to Gavriliu Imobiliare team for the distinction and professionalism shown in the negotiation and closure of a very important transaction for me. It has been a pleasant experience which convinced me that a successful business can contain ingredients as passion, determination and freshness of a young team who believe in what they do.

  • Maria Popescu
    Maria Popescu Retired scientist

    After a long search I managed to buy a very nice apartment with Mr. Florin Lungu's help. I want to thank him for the exceptional collaboration based on honesty throughout the entire transaction process. I have also appreciated his professionalism and dedication.

  • Beatrice Ramona Dragomir
    Beatrice Ramona Dragomir Free lancer

    I can only speak highly of this real estate company. I have met at Gavriliu Imobiliare a young team, very well prepared and with lots of knowledge in the field. Throughout the entire process they have been very prompt, managing to carry out the project in a very short period of time. Anytime I will be needing the services of a real estate company, I will definitely reach out for their professional help again. I strongly recommend the entire team from Gavriliu Imobiliare!

  • Vladimir Maxim
    Vladimir Maxim Owner

    Many were interested, a few were selected and only an agency responded to my demands. Reliability, punctuality and excellent promotion made that Gavriliu Real Estate's team identify potential clients interested in renting the property, succeeding several times in a very short time to provide me clients with whom we have concluded a rental agreement. Thanks Gavriliu Real Estate's team and Ioana Niculescu for the support offered for all the rental process.

  • Mihai Eduard
    Mihai Eduard Apartment Owner

    I would like to thank you for the great job that you did! By your promoting method we have managed in 2 days from first contact to rent the apartment after almost 2 months of waiting and dozens of viewings weekly with other agent. Keep up the good work, especially with this very effective policy to promote real estate in exclusive representation that you currently have. Good luck!!!