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You have made an important decision: selling or renting a real estate belonging to you. Watch a quick trading and apparently this can be done with the help of as many participants / promoters of your property.

In reality however (and experience is what made us see things that way), selling and renting a building are complex and demanding processes with many factors to consider. Only through very close collaboration and constant and consistent investments of time, energy, focus and money from an agency results can be achieved.

In Bucharest real estate market, a standard way of working has been imprinted: each real estate agency aggrieves in its portfolio as many properties as they can and each owner wants as many agents as possible to promote his property. Thus, hundreds or thousands of offers are taken over at the pile, stacked at the pile and promoted to the pile, to any potential customers coming forward. In all this mad chase, all the participants forget, unfortunately, the grandmother's recipe, namely that without work, attention, putting a soul and cares, nothing comes out ... And although a property may appear in tens or hundreds of places, it is worked superficially, in haste and "pile".

We have chosen to do things differently and for this we have decided to look at Western market professionals (US, UK, Germany), to study and invest in our development and business in our way of being professional, passionate, involvement, attention to detail. Now we know that we can help every single owner with whom we choose to collaborate, and the clients we attract through the special presentation and services offered are businessmen, expats, managers, public figures and freelance professionals, or their activities. They prefer (in fact) an elegant, discreet solution that always results, because the way we work brings them relaxation, time and finally more money.

What is exclusive representation? As we see it, it means:

1. to assign a dedicated consultant who finds solutions for you throughout the trading process;

2. to follow the ethical code of APAIR, which puts the client's interest in front of the agent's direct interest;

3. to take over the entire working process on the owner's shoulders and ensure each of the intermediate steps of the transaction;

4. to develop a property differentiation profile that brings them to the strengths and unique qualities;

5. to have a personalized promotion strategy by which we "push" the property on all relevant channels to those potential clients with which it fits;

6. to assign a professional photographer to present the house in the best possible light;

7. to ensure that property reaches us through more than 150 partner real estate agencies and their clients;

8. to investing time, energy, focus and considerable marketing budgets to get the transaction done every time!

An exclusive representation collaboration extends the scope of opportunities because you have a dedicated team and you also benefit from the collaborations and alliances that we have linked in 9 years since we have been active on the market. For you it is almost impossible (or not, if you want to invest enormously) to work with over 100 agencies and to do it in calm, tranquility and relaxation. The standard in which we represent each property that we occupy in exclusive representation has only met a few companies in North America and London. In everything we do, we add a touch of marketing and image. Every moment when your property is not really represented and in the best light to the right customers is eventually a lost moment.

Even if you are not interested in a collaboration with Gavriliu Imobiliare, we advise you to find another agency or real estate professional to give him the opportunity to fully do his job. There are other professionals in the market which can be called. Some owners choice to sell or rent their own property, working with a lot of agents and dozens of unqualified customers to cross the threshold at different times, is a choice we know about and to which we are comfortable. We wish them success, strong nerves and much energy to support the stressful process they are going through, and our business does not address them.

To start a successful collaboration with Gavriliu Imobiliare, we are waiting for you to contact us at the following telephone number: 0724.263.220 or email: office@gavriliuimobiliare.ro or cristina@gavriliuimobiliare.ro.

You can also contact us if you want to find out more details or clarify some aspects of the exclusive representation.

We wish you an excellent and successful day!

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  • Razvan I.
    Razvan I. CEO

    I strongly recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare team for the confirmed professionalism in the transactions of two properties both as a buyer and as a seller. I met people dedicated to their profession with skills beyond expectations with full consultancy: real estate, banking and finance. I appreciate their tenacity and perseverance in identifying all the solutions necessary for the successful completion of the required transactions and the satisfaction of the final beneficiary's requirements. With the best thoughts and confidence I will return to the Gavriliu Imobiliare team and in the future for consulting and real estate services.

  • Roxana P.
    Roxana P. TV journalist

    I've decided to handle the apartment for sale after weeks of surfing the internet. I knew exactly what I wanted to avoid: unanswered phones from a bunch of agents and / or potential customers and visionaries over visionaries. I'm looking for someone who understands the concept of exclusivity just as I've met in the countries where I had the chance to travel and live for certain periods of time. In a Romanian society marked, unfortunately, by superficiality, your site was an extraordinary surprise! From the first click you see that you are "different." I thank Cristina Stoianovici for heart because she accepted our apartment in my portfolio, although it does not fit into the areas promoted by the agency. We have discovered a wonderful person with a new and healthy mindset that inspires confidence, respect, professionalism. In less than two months and at the second view, without the slightest stress, the apartment was traded. I recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare with all my love and I am glad that I met people who in our country do things as well.

  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G. Engineer

    For me, the business relationship with your company was a very pleasant surprise, characterized by high professionalism, and the speed of solving the problem was out of the ordinary in the best sense. If there is a similar situation, I will definitely appeal to your company as well. Thank you for very good collaboration!

  • Gloria Gaitan
    Gloria Gaitan Actor

    I had a fruitful and productive collaboration with Ramona from Gavriliu Imobiliare. I have managed to rent my apartment thanks to her and, as I already told her, she was my lucky charm, and not because I believe in pure luck, but because she was the only one really striving, she was consistent and brought lots of clients. Even though I have worked with over 20 real estate agencies, I recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare as being serious, prompt and consistent.

  • Maria Popescu
    Maria Popescu Retired scientist

    After a long search I managed to buy a very nice apartment with Mr. Florin Lungu's help. I want to thank him for the exceptional collaboration based on honesty throughout the entire transaction process. I have also appreciated his professionalism and dedication.

  • Vladimir Maxim
    Vladimir Maxim Owner

    Many were interested, a few were selected and only an agency responded to my demands. Reliability, punctuality and excellent promotion made that Gavriliu Real Estate's team identify potential clients interested in renting the property, succeeding several times in a very short time to provide me clients with whom we have concluded a rental agreement. Thanks Gavriliu Real Estate's team and Ioana Niculescu for the support offered for all the rental process.

  • Mihai Eduard
    Mihai Eduard Apartment Owner

    I would like to thank you for the great job that you did! By your promoting method we have managed in 2 days from first contact to rent the apartment after almost 2 months of waiting and dozens of viewings weekly with other agent. Keep up the good work, especially with this very effective policy to promote real estate in exclusive representation that you currently have. Good luck!!!

  • Mihai SImion
    Mihai SImion Owner

    I started collaboration with Gavriliu Real Estate 10 months ago. Despite the real estate crisis we are going through, the Agency helped me quickly and advantageous rent the 4 apartments that we had available at this time. The properties were promoted perfectly on multiple channels, customers interested in my properties being filtered out by the agent. I highly recommend this company to property owners in the northern part of Bucharest .

  • Clara Popescu
    Clara Popescu CRM Project Leader-Head of CRM at UniCredit Tiriac

    Indeed, Gavriliu Real Estate did exactly what they promised! New Concept promotion, photo and video presentations, a lot of enthusiasm and in a month we managed to complete the transaction. By this we concluded several exclusive contracts with reputable estate agents (about 1 year) with no results. I highly recommend both agency and Mr. Florin Lungu!